End of the beginning

Dear Readers,

This week’s post marks the last I will write as an assignment for my graduate social media course at NYU.

I began this blog as a required assignment, choosing a topic relevant to both my career and social media. Little did I know this would force me to think more strategically about topic consistently discussed by healthcare PR and Marketing communication innovators.

By researching what to post each week, I have closely followed the latest and greatest in the big pharma-on-social-media conundrum. I’ve watched how pharmaceutical companies engage digitally and how they don’t. I’ve also watched how patients respond to different approaches, and how they don’t. Having one ear pressed against the glass of my Healthcare list on Twitter has already helped me inform recommendations to my teams  (back to the Groundswell). I have become a hoarder and sharer of all things healthcare digital media and truly couldn’t be more excited about it.

It is inspiring to watch how healthcare communication innovators have already begun to ice pick up the slippery slope and make come impressive progress. Likewise, spotting untapped potential and thinking strategically about incorporating digital media is inspiring.

Though what we do in Public Relations is fast paced, challenging and stressful (just being honest) it’s also the perfect blend of analytical and creative thought. To me, that’s just plain fun.

So, with the close of this class (my favorite thus far in the program since I’m already being honest), I’m greeting the end of the beginning of my health socially love affair, not the end.

Until next week,


Happy beginning! I took this at one of my favorite spots in Seattle, Golden Gardens, Summer 2009