3 thoughts on “Health apps part deux

  1. Hi Emilie,

    To my simultaneous joy and dismay, I am also from a culture filled with artery-clogging delights. My dad is from Pakistan, a country where the food is rich and traditional waistbands are elastic. In all seriousness, many folks in my Pakistani family have suffered serious heart and other health problems largely due to their lifelong diet of karahi and kheema.

    I think your idea to create apps for health advocacy and educational campaigns is brilliant. It might not be what you had in mind, but what if a national health company made an app with regional/ international launches for local unhealthy cuisine? I think if the company tailored it to each region with information about local dishes, people all around the world would be encouraged to join in on the gameification (& be encouraged to become healthier). I realize this could be a large undertaking, but I think it could be well worth it to a company.

    Thanks for an interesting post!


    • Hi Nantaara,

      Thank you for your comment! I too LOVE kheema (what is it with me and dairy?). I think that a targeted, localization of cuisine apps is a great tactic. Budget pending, that type of personal tailoring always encourages engagement.

      Thanks again for reading!

  2. Hi Emilie, this is a great subject to have tackled for several reasons.
    My first thought was that while apps are a great way to reach a large audience via their mobile devices, creating apps is an expensive task. But reading about how the MyFitnessPal app allows people to scan their meals’ barcodes into the app opens up a world of opportunity in research: what are people who want to stay fit eating? How much of it are they eating? At what times are they eating it? For the purpose not only of potential sales, but studies and research, this kind of information is invaluable.
    I also love the option to be interactive while using health apps and you are absolutely right in pointing out that Weight Watcher’s (and Alcoholics Anonymous, for example) are successful for a reason — they build a community around their goals. And isn’t that the whole point of social media?
    This was a very informative read which has my head spinning with ideas as we speak!

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