4 thoughts on “Effective tweeting by pharma companies

  1. I’d add Astra Zeneca to the mix of companies doing a fairly decent job with their Twitter account as well.

    Nice job highlighting Pfizer’s use of Jen’s actual name and picture. Not enough brands (beyond Pharma even) take that route, actually telling you the people behind the brand name. I definitely feel like that humanizes the brand a bit. Pharma is one of those industries that could use some humanizing, IMHO.

    Good post

    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community

    • Thank you again for the advice, Jason. What do you think they do that’s especially effective? Given your role at Radian 6, I would love your insights!

      AstraZeneca has 11,541 followers as of today. They are definitely doing something right. I’ll have to start following them as well!

      • I just appreciate that AZ shares content that’s of general interest. Articles discussing the Pharma industry in general, and even articles discussing health & wellness. I appreciate a branded account that doesn’t simply push their own content.


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